Bob Freeman – Voyant UK – “Andy is an enthusiastic and committed financial planning professional. I am pleased to recommend him both as a financial planner and in his role as an accredited trainer for Voyant Adviser.”

David Vaughan – Trusted Advisor – “We hired Andrew for a full day’s training using Voyant. His knowledge is second to none and he has enabled us to feel more confident when using Voyant.Without Andrew’s help and support, we could have never created the quality of reports that we now produce. I highly recommend Andrew for training.”

Tony Clarkin – Faraday Financial – “Voyant is one of the best financial planning tools in the UK and I’m happy to recommend Andrew as one of the best Voyant coaches in the UK.”

Edward Grant – Just Asked – Vice President Cii – “Andrew has an in depth understanding of cash flow planning and his experience and knowledge demonstrates that he is able to help advisers and clients unleash the power of cash flow planning.”

Howard Pont – Merlin Financial Consultants – “Andy not only gives enthusiasm but unselfish time and effort in assisting anyone using Voyant.  He is a credit not just to his profession, but as an ambassador on how to speak, help, and interact with fellow practitioners.”

Gary Phillips – Phillips Financial Planning – “If you intend using cashflow planning as part of your business, and Voyant in particular, I’d highly recommend you speak to Andy to get the most of out your system.”

Nick Lincoln – Values to Vision FP – “In the often staid world of personal finance Andrew brings a vitality and positivity to his work. Passionate about helping clients identify what’s really important (it’s not just about the money) and then working with them to create a financial plan that underpins these goals is what Andrew does – and does very well”.

Clive Thompson – Serenity Financial Planning – “I have known Andy for almost 2 years and over that time he has been an invaluable source of technical guidance on preparing cash flow scenarios using Voyant. His advice has helped me utilise the software much more effectively with my clients”.

James Dent – Professional Wealth Management – “Andrew has really progressed my ability with my use of Voyant with my clients. A no nonsense, simple and clear approach. He has been able to be highly flexible in supporting me in my priorities rather than simply taking me through a standard training process”.

John Scholes – Searchlight Investments Ltd – “Andy is a true professional and I can highly recommend him both as a financial planner and accredited Voyant trainer.”

Alan Moore – Aon Hewitt – ”Andy is extremely passionate about the science of lifetime financial planning and technology. Combining these have enabled Andy to provide cutting edge forecasting/advice for clients. We have used Andy to great effect in passing on his wisdom to our own consultants and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Charles Wood – Bloomsbury Financial Planning – “Andrew provides excellent training in financial planning using Voyant software. His insights into the software and financial planning process are hugely beneficial. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to other firms for his training or clients needing financial planning.”

Duncan Orr – Swindells Financial Planning – “Andrew is one of the UK’s leading financial planners possessing a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing advisers and clients in these uncertain times. His passion and skill for providing clients and advisers with insight and strategies to improve their lives or their businesses is invaluable.”

Kristopher Capp – Strabens Hall – “I have attended the Voyant user group and presented alongside Andy over the past year. He is very proficient with the software and a true gentlemen when addressing the crowd. I couldn’t recommend anyone better, as his patience, professionalism and knowledge has proved to be invaluable.”

Stephen Page – Page Russell – “We started using Voyant in April 2009. Right from the start Voyant have listened to what the UK Financial Planners need. The Voyantist provides further benefits with no-nonsense ‘how-to guides’. Andy shows a clear understanding not only of the Voyant system but how to deliver cash flow modelling representing true life scenario’s accurately to clients.”

Paul Hurley – Foster Denovo – Andrew has worked with Foster Denovo in the introduction of Voyant to our company. He demonstrated the cash flow modelling tool at our National Conference, the fact Andrew is a practising financial planner gave gravitas to the presentation as his skill in this area was evident. Andrew also supports Foster Denovo’s development with Voyant through regular user groups that he organises as well helping when questions arise.

Rajesh Modha – Finance Lab – “Andy introduced me to Voyant. He has continued to provide support and guidance over this period, which has been invaluable in implementing the software into my practice. His knowledge, and enthusiasm for the software and financial planning are infectious. I would recommend Andy to all who are considering Voyant.”

Nigel Mctear – Signpost FP – “The training was helpful and fired up my enthusiasm to move up the Voyant skill curve. Black Belt by Easter? It’s so important to get the basics right with the correct preference settings. Andy gives straight answers and I found the time spent of great value. I plan to attend a couple of the Voyant user groups and then work with Andy on any knowledge gaps!”

Jonathan Hunt – Expert Wealth Management – Andy really helped us get to grips with the more complicated aspects of financial planning tools. A specialist in getting the best out of your financial planning software and Voyant.

Richard Johnston – DJH Wealth Management – Andy is a true expert on Voyant. What he also possesses is an ability to train advisers on the software and provide the confidence to use it. High recommended.

David Bolton – Willow Financial Management – Andrew has provided me with two sessions of training with “Voyant” the superb life planning tool. Andrew clearly knows his stuff – both the workings of the software and more importantly from the perspective of a Financial Planner at the top of his game. In addition a very helpful, enthusiastic and thoroughly nice person.

Chris Weetman – Otus Financial Planning – Andrew is a highly advanced user of Voyant and passes his knowledge and skills on effectively and with real enthusiasm to other practitioners. He demonstrates clear financial planning skills during his practical, hands on, training sessions.

Caroline Keegan – Serenity Financial Planning – ”Having recently participated in a Voyant training session with Andy I would highly recommend his services to other Voyant users. Andy is a highly articulate communicator whose enthusiasm and passion improved my knowledge of Voyant tenfold. His handy hints and tips are worth their weight in gold.

Hannah Foxley – The Women’s Wealth Expert – Thanks for the great training session it was really valuable. I feel much more familiar with Voyant now and am looking forward to getting much better at it. I will pick your brains quite frequently though so I will probably drive you around the bend!!

Martin Turbin – Turbin Welath – After 3 years of subscribing to Voyant I hired Andrew for a morning to improve my skills. It was like having my eyes opened and I am really excited now about using the software to its full potential in my practice. It helps tremendously having a top drawer Financial Planner who is using Voyant with clients daily explain it to you in a way that non-advisng trainers cant.

Nick Brier – BHP Financial Planning – Andy has today delivered a hugely enjoyable training session. He is an enthusiatic, engaging and professional trainer. Whatever your ability level, if you want help with getting the most out of Voyant, Andy comes highly recommended. The fact that Andy is also a talented lifestyle financial planner in his own right, adds more credibility to the services he can offer to other planners.

Andy McLea – Johnston Cambell – ”Andy came to my attention as I was keen to meet an expert in the field of cashflow modelling but wanted a purists view on how to deliver this to our clients. Andrew delivered on all accounts, his training was fantastic and provided a fresh approach to our cashflow modelling process. If you plan to use Voyant I would highly recommend you speak to Andrew.”

Stuart Evans – Common Sense Financial Planning – I have now been working with Andy over the past 6 months on various Voyant and financial planning issues and can honestly say that the future of our profession (once it truly becomes one) is in safe hands with guy’s like Andy coming through the ranks. For those advisers out there who need any kind of help with Voyant issues or strategies, Andy is your man. The ROI on his services is exponential, not only by being able to better use such a powerful tool with your clients, but by avoiding mistakes that could end up in complaints.

Adam Wareing – Your Wealth Management – I attended one of Andrew’s Voyant training sessions and was extremely impressed at the way he delivered the session. The training was delivered at just the right pace and definitely plan on attending another session or two in the future.

David Curley – Logic IFA – As a fellow Kinder disciple of the George Kinder Life planning movement, I expected that I would like Andy as a fellow Life planner, we both have a client focused ethic, what I was not expecting was his passion for using Voyant Financial forecasting software and his skill and totally unselfish methods of showing other advisers how to get the best outcomes for clients. He really understands Voyant and its functionality and how best to show it off. I am so grateful for his experience and training. Oh, by the way, I do like him, he is one real good guy.

Dominic Thomas – Solomon’s IFA – Andy is a great guy, a clear communicator and full of integrity. He works to constantly improve the professionalism of advisers through his mastery of Voyant software in which he is an accomplished trainer. It is clear from his approach that he is passionate about helping his clients achieve their lifetime goals through holistic, thoughtful and technically proficient financial planning. I imagine that his financial planning clients are rather pleased with him (they should be).

Duncan Hannay Robertson- Hannay Robertson Ltd – Andy is brilliant. He finds out what you need/want, gets to the point and gets it sorted. What more could you want?

Barry-John MacDonald – MacDonald Financial Consultants Ltd – Andrew is an excellent trainer on Voyant, his knowledge of the system is superb and has helped my understanding of the Voyant system.

David Pelster – Chancery Financial Planning – Andrew is the ‘go to’ guy when it comes to the use of Voyant financial planning software and its practical application to enhance the service that we financial advisers provide for our clients. The training he provided was top notch and I would not hesitate to use him again, and to recommend him.

Darren Maroney – Beaumont Robinson – I attended a bespoke training session with Andy. The day proved to be fantastic in not only gaining new and valuable knowledge from like minded people but also acheive great satisfaction that like Andy it is possible to deliver a truly great service to clients. Andy is a great lifesyle planning trainer and adviser and his own clients must very much enjoy and appreciate his skill in true financial planning.



Huw Jones – Proposito FP – The customisable fact find from TheVoyantist.com has been just what we’ve been looking for. It has the pages we want, in the order we want with the text that we want.

Eamon Nolan – GEM & Co Financial Services – This fact find has come at an exciting time for us and it’s made to measure. Andy has been great and we now have a tool that works for us in our business -no problem was too big. A fast, professional and reliable service.

Tony Byrne – Wealth & Tax Management & www.wealthmagic.co.uk – The branded importable mini Voyant factfind has been a brilliant tool for saving us both the time (30 minutes to an hour on average) and the tedium of completing factfinds ourselves.  It’s a joy to start a meeting with a Voyant base plan.  A huge additional bonus is the fact that it’s branded.  I’ve been amazed at how willing both clients and new prospects have been to complete the factfind and email it to us in advance of a meeting. Congratulations to you Andy on a well designed tool.

Michael Kirkwood Aon Hewitt –  I have just received back my first completed fact find.  I’ve uploaded it and i’m literally dancing around the office. It’s great!