Meeting Room TV:

If you use a TV screen in your meeting room you have to get a TV trolley, the TV needs to be close to the table and involved in the meeting. There is no point in having a screen that’s on the wall, but distant. Also with a TV trolley you can position it perfectly for all clients. Near, far, up, down, you decide. 

Check out Amazon for TV trolley’s HERE

Also get as high resolution SMART TV as you can get for your budget, ideally very light weight to attach to the TV stand.

The perfect set up is: 

- LG OLED TV (on trolley)
- MacBook Pro 15"
- Apple TV for the connection



Remote usb connected screen, I use this AOC one


Currently Voyant does not work directly on an ipad. However there is a ‘work around’.

There are 3 apps (that I know of) that assist you with this (there are probably more). They are:

  • Splashtop HERE – this is the one I use.
  • LogMein HERE
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop HERE

Screen Resolution (ideas): 

1: Change the resolution settings.

2:  Magnifier. This can be accessed by pressing the windows key and then the + key or Start/All Programs/Accessories/Ease of Access/Magnifier

Full details of all of its functions are detailed HERE

The wording I use on the bottom of my reports. This is an option if you have a branded version of Voyant. 

These results are based on various assumptions, including the accuracy of the data entered and investment returns. Consequently, actual outcomes could differ materially from the forecast i.e. this represents just one of many possible outcomes. Past performance of investments is no guarantee of future results. Ultimately the future is unknowable.



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Major Loss Information

Major Loss Information. A 50/50% Global Equity/Fixed Income portfolio.
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