Finalytiq & The Voyantist - TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Program) 

When I was setting up Maven Adviser I spent an extensive amount of time working out what was the best investment solution for the firm and more importantly for my clients. I had been using a well known UK TAMP for the last 7 years. It did what it said on the tin. However I wanted to simplify the solution further. I also thought deeply about just using Vanguard LifeStrategy funds exclusively. In the end I opted for a 7 portfolio solution. Ranging from 40% equities up to 100% equities. I have constructed these using 6 funds, build using Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors. We have created globally well diversified defensible elegant portfolios. 

After spending a long time crafting the ideal portfolio from an intellectual and also emotional point of view we thought we could offer this to other advisers who wanted a plug-and-play turnkey solution. After all I've scratched my own itch and know this is a pain point with other advisers. 

Between Abraham (Finalytiq) and me we pretty much have all angles covered. He's an investment guru and I'm a practicing Financial Adviser who also coaches other Financial Advisers. 

If you wish to join the program you'll have to follow the process exactly, you have no ability to edit the portfolios. This would be too much work and frankly would add minimal value. 

What's included in the service:

Initial (branded)

- Excel portfolio spreadsheet with all the data you require. 

- Platform due diligence.

- Portfolio fact sheet for each portfolio (FE). Updated every 3 months. 

- Investment policy statement – long.

- Investment policy statement – short.

- KIIDS (updated as required) 

Ongoing (branded) 

- Discounted access to the awesome Timeline App + TimeLine Poster. 

- Ongoing updated research FE etc, portfolios.

- Abraham on hand for any deep dive client investment questions. Hopefully you don't get any, I don't plan to. 

- Abraham happy to be added to your websites as an Investment Director/Consultant (if wanted). 

- 6 monthly meetings – a collective investment committee, we'll decide how often we meet. Initially every 6 months, then maybe annually. This will be attended by all the users of the service. 

The portfolios can be seen here: 

Long story short, 7 portfolios 40%-100% using 6 funds, globally well diversified. Elegant simplicity. Tilted to small and value. 

These are the exact portfolios I'll be using forever at Maven Adviser. 

Portfolio Overview: 

Simulated historical data, best/worst years, costs, geographical splits: 

The pricing could not be simpler.  

Think how much time this will save you.

Your investment for this service is: 

Initial set up £999+vat

Ongoing £249+vat per month

If you wish to be considered for membership please complete this short form. You will be vetted, I don't want advisers joining who are going to be a pain in the arse.