Nick Murray


I am so pleased to have found Nick Murray, he has changed my life. Not just my professional life, my entire life. He's an adviser to advisers. He's in a different league to any other coach, consultant or trainer you've ever come across. He'll teach you to be excellent and not average. My real career began the day I discovered Nick Murray. I have now been to New York twice (2015,2016) to see him at his annual conference. 

His most comprehensive teachings can be found in his newsletter. Which you can access here: - once you become a subscriber you have access to his entire back catalogue (over 15 years) of monthly newsletters, there's no better resource for the serious financial adviser.  

He's quite protective over his teachings. There isn't that much public material to consume. 

However a few rare public appearances can be seen here: 

YouTube Interview: 

Here is a podcast he was on, this is worth a listen to (or 10 like I have): 

Nick Murray - Financial Advisers' Adviser - Masters In Business  

He has written many books, in order I think you should read them:

- The Behavioural Investment Counsellor 

- The Excellent Investment Advisor 

- Around the Year with Nick Murray 

These books are a little hard to get as he no longer ships to the UK, however do your own searching and find them. Amazon Uk and Amazon US are a good start. You can also use a service that will purchase items in the US and then ship to the UK, this maybe an option