‘A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.’
— Chinese Proverb'

Since launching my regulated financial advice company (Maven Adviser) I have been approached by a lot of younger clients looking to get started with their financial planning and investing. Due to the cost and complexity of running a regulated financial advice firm the fees can appear quite high if you don't yet have the assets and complex requirements.  

This has left me with a dilemma. I want to help motivated younger clients plan accordingly and start to work on their financial life planning but at the same time it needs to be financially viable. So I have decided to create a simpler financial coaching service. Allowing us to work together. 

So what I have proposed is a non-regulated financial planning and behavioural coaching service. 

What's included: 

- A sounding board for key life decisions. 

- Education around areas of financial planning you don't understand. 

- Recommendations of books/podcasts/videos that will help you. 

- The creation of your financial master plan, setting out your immediate, short, mid and long term financial life goals. 

- A review of your insurance requirements. (No specific recommendations will be made as this is regulated work, however you'll have a clear understanding of what you need). 

- High level plan of actions you need to take. 

- A second opinion service of your work benefits. Typically people do not maximise these benefits.  

- Accountability updates. 

- Annual remote financial planning review meeting. 

- Ad hoc remote meetings when key decisions and a sounding board are required. 

- Financial behavioural coaching, ensuring you don't make big financial mistakes. 


Your investment for this service could not be simpler or better value. 

It's £147 (£122.50+vat) per month. 

No set up costs, no contract, no ties, leave whenever you want. 

If you feel you're at the point where you wish to upgrade our relationship, we can then discuss moving over to Maven Adviser as a regulated financial advice client.