Why Your Email/Tweet/Text/WhatsApp May Not Get Answered

When email/text/tweet/WhatsApp was first created it was like magic. Now it's become a logistical challenge to keep on top of. If you don't manage it, it'll manage you. I find the biggest issue is the ability for someone to send a short question, which requires no thought what so ever to create and send, however requires deep thought and a long time to reply to. I also find it a little cheeky how some people think knowledge and wisdom is something they're entitled to for free, just because they've sent a cold message. 

I try and share as much as I can with my Voyantist community, I'm more open (for obvious reasons) to clients and also current members of VoyantMastery.com. I also share interesting findings via my twitter accounts @TheVoyantist & @MavenAdviser so please follow me there. However I still can't answer poorly constructed, selfish communications. So therefore I will treat your communications with the respect they deserve. Usually your question can be answered by doing a little more digging. 

If you email me a question that Google can answer, I find this the height of rudeness. 

Examples of terrible email questions: 

- What's the best marketing channel you've found? 
- What investment philosophy do you implement? 
- Can you recommend any good books? 
- What's been your experience of XYZ? 
- Do you think I should XYZ?
- What's the difference between A and B? 

Do not ever send these emails to anyone, certainly not me. 

Examples of good emails: 

- What do you think is better Wordpress or Squarespace? 
- If you were to focus on one marketing channel what would you choose, obviously I don't want you to explain 'why' as that would be a complete bleed on your time? 
- Can you recommend or link to a great videographer? 
- What book do you gift to your clients? 

I won't answer your communications if they're sloppy, ill-conceived and poorly constructed. 

The magic has become a curse. 

Communicate well people. 

β€œThe difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”
— Warren Buffett