Before You Ask (F.A.Q)

Thank you for enquiring about booking me for an onsite training session. 

Voyant licences: please ensure you have a valid license, for each ‘Adviser’ license you can add a ‘Paraplanner’ licence. Details HERE

Timings: The onsite sessions are for 4 (ish) hours, this is the ideal time for this type of training. The most common times are 9:00-13:00, 9:30-13:30 or 13:00-17:00 13:30-17:30, with a 15 mins comfort break.  

What's covered: I have trained more IFA's sophisticated financial planning than anyone else. I have more than enough material for all skill levels, however if you have specific requirements you want to cover please email me a simplified bullet point list prior to the session ( this will allow me to prepare.

Who should be there: everyone who will be involved in using the software. Definitely client facing Financial Advisers. Also support staff, paraplanners and admin team members. 

Group size: The ideal group size is 4-6, however i've trained much larger groups and also one person. So the group size isn't really important.

Equipment: I’ll need a screen to connect to, HDMI is preferred. It’s a hands on training session so ideally each delegate has a laptop, if this is not possible then one between two is ok, at a push one between three.

Voyant's training vs mine: I'm often asked how is my training different to Voyant directly. I work very closely with Voyant, I still don't know what training they offer. However i've been using the software 10 years, I've been training advisers for the last 7 years. I also have had approx 450+ live client meetings using the software. I'm a practising Financial Adviser, this is my value. My claim is that i'm the best in the world at training financial advisers on Voyant. It's your call. 

Your Investment: My fees range depending on the specifics of what's required. There will also be minimal travelling costs (trains, planes, boats, Ubers). I live in North West London. There's no travel subsidy for central London firms. This I will email you once we’re talking.

When should you get me in: If you're serious about learning Voyant, get me in asap. I'll help highlight all the potential mistakes you'll make and also get your Voyant house in order. It's a beast of a system, you don't know what you don't know.

If this is not for you at this point in your journey you can access my teachings and wisdom at