Voyant Canada Launches - Feb 2017

Voyant has launched it's Adviser and Adviser Go solutions in Canada. The full story can be found HERE this link will take you to the pricing page HERE

Voyant software has come a long way since it launched in the UK. Canadian advisers will be working with a finely tuned awesome piece of technology. I have always said that Voyant will work in any country that has a well developed financial services industry and also where proper financial planning is a focus. I know Voyant Canada will be a huge success. 

I'm sure the Canadian financial services environment (financial rules and tax) will be a lot simpler than the UK, which means the software will be delivered without a lot of tweaks required. 

I'm keen to assist Canadian advisers in getting up to speed as soon as possible, most of the videos on VoyantMastery.com will help in your journey to Voyant domination.